JRE and JDK Moved to Community

As some of you may have noticed, the sun Java Runtime Environment and the Java Development Kit have spent too much time waiting in the extra repository waiting for some love. However, no developer was excited to maintain these packages.

Since we already have the OPENJDK6 package, an open source implementation of the JRE and JDK, we have decided to move the JRE and JDK packages to community, where Geoffroy Carrier will be taking good care of them. He has already updated the packages and fixed their pending bugs. Thanks Geoffroy for your good deed.

No package in the official Arch Linux repositories depends on these packages, as they have already been recompiled against OPENJDK6. However, I want to thank the community for its understanding, and we're sorry for any inconvenience.

Why move them, other than the reason given above? Well, we wanted to favor the open source implementation against the closed source implementation.

No, really, why did you move them? Because Aaron Griffin said so. :-D (just joking)