netcfg home page


netcfg is profile based network connection tool. It can connect to a variety of connections (including wired, wireless and PPP) and is easily extended to support other connection types.


  • Easy configuration

  • Wireless, wired and ppp connections

  • Wireless roaming and automatic connection (using wpa_actiond/wpa_supplicant)

  • Radio kill switch (rfkill) awareness

  • pm-utils suspend/resume support

  • Execution of commands before/after up/down

  • Wired link detection (using ifplugd)

  • Modern iproute and wpa_supplicant based connectivity

Optional dependencies

  • wpa_supplicant: for wireless networking

  • wpa_actiond: Wireless Roaming/autoconnect

  • ifplugd: Wired link detection

  • dialog: Menu support

  • bridge-utils: To set up bridge connections


To report bugs or issues with netcfg, please use the Arch Linux Bug Tracker

To seek help using netcfg, please post on the Arch Linux Forums

netcfg is Copyright © 2011-2012, Netcfg Development Team and Copyright © 2007-2010 James Rayner <> and is licensed through the Modified BSD License.