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Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
x86_64 Community cutefish-calculator 0.4-2 CutefishOS Calculator 2021-08-21
x86_64 Community cutefish-core 0.8-1 System components and backend of CutefishOS 2022-02-27
x86_64 Community cutefish-dock 0.8-1 CutefishOS application dock 2022-03-08
x86_64 Community cutefish-filemanager 0.8-1 Cutefish File Manager, simple to use, beautiful, and retain the classic PC interactive design 2022-03-08
any Community cutefish-icons 0.8-1 System default icon theme of CutefishOS 2022-03-08
x86_64 Community cutefish-kwin-plugins 0.8-1 CutefishOS KWin Plugins 2022-02-06
x86_64 Community cutefish-launcher 0.8-1 CutefishOS's full-screen application launcher 2022-03-08
x86_64 Community cutefish-qt-plugins 0.5-2 Unify Qt application style of CutefishOS 2022-11-07
x86_64 Community cutefish-screenlocker 0.5-2 CutefishOS system screen locker 2022-09-10
x86_64 Community cutefish-settings 0.8-3 System Settings application for Cutefish Desktop 2022-10-22
x86_64 Community cutefish-statusbar 0.7-1 Top status bar of CutefishOS 2022-02-06
x86_64 Community cutefish-terminal 0.7-1 A terminal emulator for Cutefish 2022-02-06
any Community cutefish-wallpapers 0.4-1 CutefishOS's system wallpaper 2021-08-19 2022-11-21